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Every issue is full of cars, art, story and inspiration.

    Where we believe that you can get the car, the life and the style of your dreams by seeing others.



The cars.

The owners.

Their stories.



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This offer is for the true fans who want to spread the word.


And for the hustler's that want to make a dollar.  Watch the video for more info.

Answering the question, "How did you get that exotic car, amazing yacht, or incredible life?"


The same question that was asked in the movie

"The Pursuit Of Happyness (Will Smith & Chris Gardner)"


Done in a style that is like "No one else".  A work of art that can only be experienced by holding it in your hands. 


A very clever and an ingenious way to inspire and educate the paths to success.  (Especially for the dyslexic.)  


Every issue you hold will be magic. And move you one, two or three steps closer to your own life goals.


Secretly crafted to be the 




Brad Strickland (a severe dyslexic himself) uses amazing photography and inspirational quotes to walk you through the lives of great achievers.


With powerful and fantastic techniques of "WOW" at key points, he is able to get the laziest of readers jumping at the opportunity to read more.


If the phrase "You are what you read."  is true, you will want to a get a copy of every issue of RemiX Quarterly.

Dreamers will dream and wishers will wish.  But only the true heavy hitters at heart will


Walk the talk.


It is in this spirit that Heavy Hitters RemiX presents “RemiX Quarterly”


An elite print only magazine dedicated to the exotic cars, lifestyle and the stories behind them.

Four times a year, we will answer;


Who owns that car?   How did he get his money?  


Knowing full well that you want to be in their shoes. You read their stories and look at their success in hopes to find a path, a short cut, or motivation for yourself to do the same. You want to be featured in the magazine one day!


RemiX Quarterly will be fuel for massively successful leaders.  

A group, a tribe, a family of like minded achievers.  And because of that we NEVER want to vanish.  We have approached this new magazine with every possible success principle found in new media.


We are a NEW MEDIA magazine company.


We will not print thousands and thousands of copies to send out to the magazine racks.  So when they don’t get sold they get sent back to us to throw away.  This is powerful!  When we close the opportunity window then we go to print.  That means if you are in, you are in.  Otherwise there will not be extra copies laying around some office somewhere to order later.  If you want it you get it. And you know when.  If not, you are welcome to sit on the sidelines and enjoy what we do for free online.  


We will not be held captive to advertiser profits.  We will be better than that.  We will trust the tribe.  We will invite the opportunity to be a sponsor for the magazine, but only to premier product companies that you would actually care about. We are an exclusive family of achievers and that will always be guarded, respected and protected.


And lastly, we will share our success and spread the wealth with our BIGGEST fans.

We intend to bypass traditional distribution networks which typically take the largest part of the cover price, as well as control where the publication will be sold and at what price. Instead we would like to deepen our relationships with our readers, and make them partners in this enterprise. This is called social distribution.


We are taking social distribution to the coffee shops, detail shops, pawn shops, tire shops, taco shops, donut shops, barber shops or anywhere our readers gathers, that wants to distribute and be a part of RemiX Quarterly magazine.  Get the magazine at half-price by ordering ten or more copies and distributing them to your network of friends, colleagues and classmates.


RemiX Quarterly is NOT like anything you have every seen before.  


It is highly stylised and profound. Because there are no ads, it looks different.  Because we don’t compete on the rack, the cover can be art.  And because we have no limits on space, we choose to use full page photos.  There is no other car magazine or success magazine in the world that gives you so much.


We know you will love it. But others might not.  But how will you know?   You won’t until you hold it.   We only want achievers who love the magazine.  Those who don’t we want to give a full refund.


It’s simple,  when you get your copy in the mailbox,  Flip through it. And if you don’t care for it, send it back within 10 days for a full refund.  No questions asked.  No hurt feelings.  


You are now officially welcome to join with us.


We are the strongest believers in success and hustle you will ever meet.  We always buy two copies of magazines that we love. One to read and one to collect.  So yes.  There is a special offer for people just like us.


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