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Why "Class not Trash" exist.


We do not want to lose another incredible “Coffee and Cars” type event.  EVER!  Anywhere in the world.


California just lost one of their locations last year.  And here in Houston we have lost 3 awesome locations in 2 years.


Uptown Park - GONE!

Edwards Marque - GONE!


Vintage Park - GONE!


And to be perfectly honest, if I owned a multi million dollar commercial property I wouldn't let the idiots near it.  I would be scared to death of the liability.  But who wouldn’t!  Just watch the youtube videos of the rev offs and burn outs that have hurt people.  


Enough said.


This weekend I was at one of the most beautiful shopping centers I have ever been to.  And the GTR Bros of Houston was hosting an exotic car gathering.  Jan, (pronounced “yawn”)  the organizer and I were talking when all of a sudden some moron started revving hard.  Instantly Jan looked like a hunting dog.  Ignoring me and our conversation, his ears perked up and his eyes started staring.   Why?  He does not want to get his show “Kicked OUT” of the beautiful  LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch.   And the truth is, it will.


There is a time and place for everything.  Burn outs and rev battles are great for track days or completely illegal street exhibition.  But not at an organized event where there is not special fire equipment or medical personnel.


That is getting a bit too much!


Just  a cup of coffee,  friends, and great cars is all that should be going on at this type of an event.


I have talked with a few organizers and they all have this as a concern.  They all address this problem on their facebook pages.  They even try to let everyone know verbally.  But eventually we lose another venue.




There are only so many places to hold a good car show.  So before we lose another wonderful place, I suggest peer pressure.   It works.  Break the rules in hockey and it is 2 minutes in the penalty box for you.


Break the rules of the car show and you and your entire marque sit out the next event.


“BUT I didn’t know!”  Take 1 month to introduce the rule.  Then enforce at the next event.  And at every show, as they pull in and park,  you simply hand them a copy of the “Ban the Brand” rule notice.


No one wants to be “that guy”  trust me.  The GTR Bros would be PISSED if they had to sit out a month.  Not cool.  And guess what,  Not one of them would break the rules.


To be fair to the car shows that are not organized, they do a much better job.  WHY?  Cops!  Lots of them.  Two gatherings that I am very familiar with are the Kemah and Alvin meetups.  They are at night and they have lots of cops.  hmmmm  it works.  Because if an idiot does a burnout at one of these shows,  it stings.


One last thing,  Burn-outs are awesome and so are rev battles.  And a great place to do this is at the track days.  PCA (Porsche Club of America) and the BMW club always have an event or 2 each year that is open to the public.  Team up with your local chapter.  Announced via blog/ facebook what is on their schedules.


I can not think of a more enjoyable time with the exotic car club community than at sunrise with coffee.  All the car owners love showing off.  And the spectators love dreaming.  It’s a perfect day.


We will do our part and more to keep the tradition going.  To assist you in convincing property owners that your show will be “different”  show them the hand out.  Tell them you give the handout to every car, every show.  And lastly let them know that you are on the “Class not Trash” car show registry at



Update: Feb 8 2015 Lost another one!   2800 Kirby - GONE